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How To Gain More Followers On Instagram With Stories
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How To Gain More Followers On Instagram With StoriesHow To Gain More Followers On Instagram With Stories

Content marketers spend time on Instagram tips like hashtag research to create their content. Every month new features hook up, penetrating through popular trends to the Instagram challenges. Now, trying out the reels, shop tabs, and Guides together can make your mind go spinning. Instagram stories seems to work as the perfect feature for Instagram followers and users, which never change. Hence, you can start to post your Instagram, after which you can get the benefits of higher Instagram story views from followers. Still, if you are looking to get organic Instagram story views, then search for convenient services where you can buy Instagram impressions, which grabs a vast user base.

Let us start!

Quick Intro About Instagram Stories

After the launch in 2016, Instagram stories became a popular feature. Every day, at least half a billion people use Instagram stories for their businesses. Indeed, stories create one-third of the story views. So often, Instagram stories should not only be an organic part of your complete Instagram marketing approach. But all leverage your profile performance using your Instagram stories. You can also start to buy Instagram story views to enrich your presence seamlessly on the growing Instagram platform.

Do you think you should be posting on Instagram stories in 2022? If you don’t have any ideas, consider trying these tips to improve your Instagram stories. Then try to use them uniquely to beat your competition and expand your Instagram followers.

1. Use Story Highlights To Drive Traffic

When new visitors reach your Instagram profile, followers may not know your Instagram profile. So always remember to craft your Instagram bio that attracts your eyes, which quickly explains what your business is all about, and persuade your new visitors to click your Instagram profile follow button.

With Instagram’s Highlight feature, the bio section is not only about story narration of your brand story but also helps in converting visitors. For instance, consider story highlights as a sneak-peek teaser for your business. It becomes a perfect chance to show what your brand is all about, offering a sense of what your product provides and generating direct traffic to your sales landing page.

Although, if you have a small business Instagram account with less than 10K followers, you can still generate organic traffic through story highlights.

2. Prompt For Stories Takeovers

Now, partnering with Instagram influencers is an ever-growing Instagram trend. Still, several brands perform it by paying for a few sponsored posts on an influencer’s feed, wanting new followers to enter their Instagram profile through tag mention.

On Instagram, the stories takeover works in the following way, a famous influencer of choice takes over the brand account to generate engaging content. While doing Instagram stories takeovers, the following benefits are cross-directing followers, making exciting content for your followers, connecting with appropriate influencers.

Pro Tip: If you haven’t tried an Instagram Live session yet, then start to go Live. Next, host a Q&A session with an influencer in your sector, where your account will appear on the influencer’s live icon in your stories. Thus, your influencer’s followers will land on your profile page and follow your page by becoming your potential followers.

3. Try To Post Polls & Quizzes

Meanwhile, polls are ideal for engaging your followers; you can also use these Instagram polls features to grow your followers. In contrast, of asking about complete entertainment, identify what content type works best for your Instagram followers. Then, if you are short of content ideas, ask your followers for their suggestions to create your content, as they would be an ideal choice for content creation. Also, try to ask your followers’ opinions where you can reach their hearts and grab your followers.

4. Shoutouts To Your Competitors

Do you know who your competitors are on Instagram? But I can guess there are no competitors. Of course, Instagram has become a highly competitive and fastest-growing platform by bringing the community together. Brands need to feature every single mention, every single shoutout. In short, shoutouts with competitors help in reaching other profiles for inspiration.

Doing Instagram shoutouts on stories to another user or curious your followers to follow somebody may seem tedious. Yet, it helps build your social media presence where you can gain lots of followers.

Wrap Up

I hope you like this article about building your Instagram followers using Instagram stories features that help elevate your profile business performance to the next level.

5 Instagram Content Ideas For B2B Businesses To Look In 2022
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5 Instagram Content Ideas For B2B Businesses To Look In 20225 Instagram Content Ideas For B2B Businesses To Look In 2022

Instagram is a platform that is first only used by B2C businesses, right? Its features have been upgraded with time, and gradually, it has been transformed into a platform for B2B businesses. Now, Instagram is a highly effective marketing platform for B2B businesses. As the user base expands steadily, the B2B marketer’s target audience is also growing. There is plenty of space for B2B businesses to spark users’ creativity by promoting their brands.

Moreover, if you like to excite your product launch, utilize the Instagram stories feature. If you’re going to make your stories posts more visible, buy Instagram impressions and stand out on the platform. If you are striving to create content that works for your business on Instagram, let’s look at a few B2B content ideas and spark users’ creativity.

Why Instagram For B2B Businesses?

Instagram is a great visualization platform, but with the revealing of the latest features, it has become the primary sales-driving platform. So investing your time and efforts in the platform will provide many benefits. Here let’s look over the potential benefits of using the Instagram platform.

  • Humanize your brand
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Strengthen your brand image
  • Share valuable content
  • Spark user’s engagement
  • Get Insights

There are many reasons for brands to utilize the Instagram platform. However, whether promoting your brand or increasing your brand’s sales, you have to create a strong strategy to lay the foundation for marketing success.

B2B Content Ideas For Instagram

Businesses can start to buy Instagram story views to grow their exposure across the globe. Are you looking for Instagram content ideas for B2B? Here jumpstart this article and play well to enhance your content and strategy.

1. Create Unique B2B Content

Of course, Instagram tempts users to create with its eye-appealing content. So as B2B businesses think from the consumer point of view and get a lot of traction among potential customers. So you have to think strategically to humanize your brand and attract potential consumers’ attention. Moreover, by creating unique content, you can connect with the target consumers and build strong relationships.

2. Take Advantage Of Real-Time Marketing

Don’t limit yourself by posting only highly-visual images. On Instagram, one can take advantage of the real-time marketing options and go live often to increase your leads and prospects. The more you go live, the more viewers get a clear vision of your product deals and the company’s culture. Viewing your product through live streaming will make your brand more trustable and build a meaningful relationship with your potential buyers. Make sure to create highly professional content to perfect your branding efforts.

3. Mix A Variety Of Content

Instagram offers incredible opportunities to create a variety of content. Using your mobile phone can take a photo or video that you want to upload. Remember that different types of content will be more appealing to the customers. Using it can showcase your brand’s diverse perspectives and impress the users to stick over your content. It enhances your brand’s image, and if the content seems to be interesting, the influencer users purchase the product.

4. Include Link In Your Bio

Your bio is the first thing that many users will watch, so if Instagram does not allow you to link to websites in the post captions, you can add one in your bio. You can add 150 characters to your Instagram bio, including a link. So your bio is the perfect place to include the link. Moreover, while you share Instagram Stories, you can add the link that brings value to your brand. As Instagram stories is only visible for 24 hours, adding the link will influence the users to take the option on it and grab the real-time offers.

5. Visualize Your Brand’s Story

Do you want to make your business connect with the potential audience more meaningfully? If so, share your brand’s most exciting stories, the struggles you face, and how you withstand your business. It’s sure that it will inspire more people and that many of them will engage with the content. So, grab the user’s attention with consistent storytelling and stand over the platform. Moreover, telling the story will build an intimate relationship with the customer and humanize your brand by enhancing your personal experience.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that these content ideas are more helpful for you to create the content for B2B businesses that stand out on the platform. So, make sure of your business needs and utilize the content ideas to take your B2B business to the next level.